360 Degree Car Anti Radar Detector For Car V7 Speed Voice Alert Warning 16 Band LED Display Detector Red English/Russian Auto - Detecting Gps

Promotion!! Blue Russian English V7 Speed Radar Car detector 360 Degree Detection Voice Electric Dog For Car Speed Limited

detecting gps, android mircast

Invisible Laser

Radar detector voice. 10-50lux , 24h. Display head up obd. Chupad. Digital crossovers. Whrte. Apply: 0.234 kg. Aston martin. Alert type: Auto radar detector. 1500-2500m. 

Wholesale Approx. 100 Pcs

Chinese (simplified),dutch,french,japanese,spanish,turkish,italian,russia,english,spain's basque,finnish,korean,czech. Speed limit reminder. Universal. Voice mouse. Photo formats: Mini camera video recorder hd. Protocal detector. Russia,english,armenian. See details. Lens angle: 

Wholesale Email Plus

Led display. Sensor sonar. Radar speed detecters. Detect distance: Daual version: Wholesale speedometer gps. Car radar dvr. Water leak detectors for the home. E8 signal detecter. Radar signal dectecting & alerting. Leading you to drive safely and avoid traffic fine. Support x k ka ku vg-2 band: Russia,chinese (simplified),english,chinese (traditional). 

Electron Speedometer

Connect car charger use. V8 radar detector. Adjustable. Brake fluid test pen. Chinese (simplified),russian. With user manual. Micro switch miniX band : 1000mah rechargeable battery (built in). Metal and plastic. Seewellor. 

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