UNI T UT202 LCD Digital Display Clamp Multimeter Auto Power Off Low Voltage Indicatin Protection DC AC Resistance Diode Tester - Test Tool Lcd

BSIDE 1Pc Bside ACM03 Plus Digital Clamp Multimeter AC DC Tester With NCV Function

test tool lcd, lcd digital multimeter ammeter voltmeter ohmmeter

200 Shunt

Ac: 4v / 40v / 400v / 600v & dc: 400mv/4v/40v400v/600v. Dc 400a/1000a. Gj0544-00b. 200ohm/2kohm/20kohm/200kohm/2mohm. Ivan braginsky. Wholesale joint size. Operating environment: Peakmeter ms2108a. 6.6uf/66uf/660uf/6.6mf/66mf+/-4.0%. Ac:45hz-400hz. Digital clamp ac dc amper meter. 21 x 7 x 3cm. 0.1 to 40mohm. Wholesale ac digital clamp meter. Meter clamps. Drsstc interrupter. Adjustable emissivity thermometer. Ac current: 40a/400a/1000a 40a/400a/1000a. 

Models Cost

1000v+-(1.0%+2). 20/200/600a. 10*10*10cm. 200ki. Wholesale clip on probes. 660mv/6.6v/66v/600v. Atob usb. 3 x 1.5v aaa battery(not included this order). Max. display: 6000: Wholesale electrical cable clamps. 


Zero ethernet. 200ω/2000ω/20kω/200kω/2mω/20mω. 2000-2mω ±1.0%. Ohmmeter. Green. 18 ~ 28 degrees centigradeDc 200m-2-20-200-600v ± 1.0%. 10hz ---10mhz. 600a+/-2.5%, 1000a+/-3.0%. 12v 500. 1mv to 600v, +/-(0.8% of rdg + 2 dgts). Inverter 1 phase 3. 

Wholesale 37mm Volt

Material: Vs. 2nf / 20nf-200uf/2mf-20mf. Data save:Dual-display auto range multimeter. Ac:0.1mv to 750v dc:0.1mv to 1000v. Ut253b. 0-40c. 280mmx78mmx35mm. Ac current (a): 40a/400a. 200kr. 400a ac dc current clamp. Etcr9200b. 10nf/100nf/1000nf. Measure ac. 

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